pomo leather cover 2Am sure most of you know him as Mr. Pekele the sensational afro hip-hop artist who grooves you up with his stylish rap and african folktales just like from his hit song “Pekele” but there’s more to this Nigerian/South African based self independent recording and performing artist as he showcases himself not just as a sound rap artist who is lyrically fit in “Pomo Leather” but also a soft side no one might have ever noticed before in “Only You I Can Trust” in anticipation of his forthcoming “Its Milk In the Building VOL 1 Mixtape Compilation Album” to be released under the stable of Shayke Empire Entertainment this August, Milkshayke is certainly the next big “Surprise” Africa should prepare for.

In his words “I named the freestyle Pomo Leather cos its real Pomo Leather,he laughs,i felt like i went in real raw and gave out my heart sincerely even though it was just a freestyle,he further added “i was just chilling with my n****** at my crib when the sampled beat came on,was UP(High) though and the rest was history,sure Drake gon be glad i bounced on that “Shayke Laugh” and when asked who the girl that inspired “Only You I Can Trust” was he giggled the “Shayke” way again and said “My Love”

Have yourself a wonderful birthday Mr. Pekele may your fans enjoy what your dedicate to them with love…

B. Baby…

Pomo Leater


Only U I can Trust