The ever youngest UK DJ to feature online and in big party. He has been rocking the decks since he was 5 years old, learning through his Dad DJ Femmy’ vast and eclectic record collection and started experimenting with the controls on their old walnut-veneered record player. DJ Tomiwa a 9 years old DJ born in London UK, he grew up in a profoundly musical household, his Dad being a professional DJ who put him into DJ and Deck lessons from the moment he had enough buttons control in his hands to hold a deck. He is nonetheless a completely self-taught DJ

The first time I saw him on the deck I couldnt believe such a young boy at the age of 5 years have this talent.

DJing special events in London, Manchester and promoting his own shows through his Dad, Tomiwa has had a lot of time to develop his skill. For him, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get adults tapping feet and nodding head without you realising it a 9 years old DJ, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing.

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