Emma Ogosi, born 74 years ago learnt to play the guitar privately while studying Aircraft Engineering at a German Air Force Academy, 1963 -1966. He played with several pop groups both in Germany & here in Nigeria. Groups like WATER BABIES, THE REASONS, THE EXPENSIVES, POGO LTD, COSMIC 3 etc. … The Expensives perfomed at IBB’s wedding to late Lady Maryam in Sept 1969. Emma was a pioneer music producer with Midwest Television, now NTA Benin. At NTA Benin, he helped nurture artistes like Cris Okotie, Amas Gril, Felix Lebarty amongst several others. Emma recorded his first solo album in 1981. He became the Secretary-General of PMAN in 1982. He discovered & nurtured Evi-Edna Ogholi to stardom. She is still called Africa’s Queen of Reggae! Emma is builder, pioneer: Pioneer Nigeria Airforce officer; pioneer music producer at NTA Benin & pioneer member of PMAN. He is staging a come-back & hopes/prays that this song OSINANGA will go down well with d general public. So, help him God!!!